I am currently a post-doctoral student at the Technion, having started in fall of 2021; I was originally supposed to have started in 2020, but travel became very difficult to COVID-19, and so the trip had to be postponed for a year.

My previous position was also as a post-doc, at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Before that, I was a graduate student at Yale, where I got my Ph.D. Most of my research is in various areas of number theory.

Aside from my research interests, I am invested in mathematical outreach. I believe that it is extremely important that both undergraduate students and the general public have a better understanding of what mathematics and mathematical research is like. It seems to me that there is an enormous amount of misinformation and misapprehension toward mathematics, especially pure mathematics. I have worked in REU-type programs, given public talks, and participated in Yale’s directed reading program, all of which help address this problem in various ways. I am currently under contract by Springer to write a textbook under the title Linear Fractional Transformations: An Illustrated Guide (presently under peer-review).

I am also active on the Q and A site Quora; you can find my page here. It is in some ways similar to more specialized sites like Stack Exchange, but the user base is much broader, allowing me to reach a wider audience. At the time of writing, I have amassed over 25k followers, posting almost exclusively about mathematics; I was also listed as one of the Top Writers by Quora staff every year since 2016 until they abandoned the program in 2019. I like to think that I am doing something right. One of my proudest achievements has been writing an answer about dispelling a common misconception about polls and random samples, which ended up getting viewed by over 70k people.

My newest project is Mathematical Applications, which I started on Quora in May 2019. The motivation behind it was to create a space where vetted authors could write about how mathematics gets used in other disciplines. The readership has grown substantially, as has the number of participating writers. We have posts about things as simple as modular arithmetic and as complicated as algebraic geometry. Many of the things people have written about has taken me completely by surprise! I hope to see it develop further into a reference for any mathematician or layperson looking for concrete examples of how mathematics is deeply useful.